Pagan Dawn is the Journal of the Pagan Federation and is published four times a year, at Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas.


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We're sorry but we don't pay for submissions. We reserve the right to abridge articles and to edit them for clarity, style, grammar and accuracy.

Please send your articles by email with information in the subject line: e.g. 'Article for Beltane'. Attach your submission in 'Word' or 'rtf' format.

If submitting by post, send your article on floppy disc or CD (articles sent as hard copy must be clearly typed in 'Times' as they will be scanned and converted electronically).

We can't accept hand-written articles for publication.

If images are being included, please confirm that you have copyright permission for their further publication.

Current deadline dates are as follows:

Lammas/Autumn - 15 May
Samhain/Winter - 15 August
Imbolc/Spring - 15 Nov
Beltane/Summer - 15 February

Shop Sales

Shop enquiries should be addressed to:


Or e-mail Pagan Dawn.

Advertising and Green Page entries

Please use the appropriate forms linked below to send information to Pagan Dawn Magazine. The links marked [.pdf] are in Adobe Acrobat format and will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to be able to open them. Links marked [.doc] are in Microsoft Word format.

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Enquiries about entries in the Green Pages, other than the forms supplied above, should be directed in the first instance via email to: David.


If you are interested in subscribing to the PF's magazine, Pagan Dawn, then you can do this without joining the Pagan Federation. Each quarterly issue contains news, comments, in-depth articles, a readers' forum, book and music reviews and a Pagan "What's on". There is no additional charge to register a joint subscription with your partner.

Annual subscription rates: UK - £14.00. Non-UK - please consult the PF Ireland or PF International Websites for the appropriate costs in local currency.

Completed Subscription forms for Pagan Dawn and accompanying payment (cheques payable to 'the Pagan Federation') should be sent to The Pagan Federation at BM Box 7097, London WC1N 3XX

Subscribing to Pagan Dawn does not make you a member of the Pagan Federation.

Book Reviews

If you would like a book reviewed in Pagan Dawn, please send a copy to our PD Reviewers at:




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