The BBC reported on Thursday 28 October 2004 that...

  • "The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority says pupils should study other faiths alongside Christianity to help foster understanding and respect."
  • "The government-backed framework is not compulsory, which disappoints the Church of England, though it is pleased at the emphasis on RE for all."
  • "Mr Clarke said: "Faith groups must seize this opportunity to develop their own resources that enhance understanding of their faith, and their response to world issues. I support the development of materials that can be used with the framework."

That last comment looks like a challenge for us! Check out the story for more.

Every LEA (Local Education Authority) has to have a thing called a SACRE (Statutory Advisory Council on Religious Education). Meetings of this SACRE must be open to the public. Each SACRE seems to have its own website, here is an extract from the Croydon SACRE website:

"The 1988 Education Reform Act made it the duty of all Local Education Authorities to set up a SACRE (standing advisory council for religious education). As religious education is required by law to be taught but is not part of the National Curriculum it is the responsibility of the SACRE to oversee RE and collective worship in schools throughout the borough. A SACRE can also advise on methods of teaching the Agreed Syllabus including resources and theprovision of training for teachers. It also monitors inspection reports on RE, collective worship and spiritual, moral, social andcultural development, and considers complaints referred from the LEA about the provision and delivery of those subjects.

The SACRE is composed of four groups:

  • Representatives of Christian Denominations and other religions and their denominations reflecting the principal religious traditions of the area;
  • Church of England Representatives;
  • Representatives of teachers associations;
  • Local Authority representatives

The law says that the LEA must institute a review of its locally Agreed Syllabus every five years,the SACRE then convenes a conference which 'must agree upon a syllabus of religious instructionto be recommended for adoption by the Local Authority'."

Members of the public have the right to ask for an invite to the next SACRE meeting or for membership as a faith community representative, or both, or for details of any open meetings.

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