Interfaith can be a contentious subject, on the one hand why talk to people who do not understand us and may be very against us? On the other hand surely by communicating with members of other faiths we generate understanding and better communication. This is the type of communication the world needs to prevent wars based on religious differences, so surely to start in our own small way is to help build a better world?

Interfaith events in Suffolk

from Robin Herne

Terry Smith, a traditional witch, was re-elected Chair of the Suffolk Inter Faith Resource (SIFRE) at the July AGM.

Robin Herne, a druid, gave a talk to RE Resource Managers at their annual Southern Regional Group conference. They were later escorted round Sutton Hoo by Terry Smith, who talked to them about the interaction between Heathenry and Christianity during the reign of King Raedwald.

Robin Herne was also invited to talk about Paganism to school pupils in Lowestoft, as part of a whole RE Day featuring speakers from many faiths. This is the first time that a Suffolk state school has been known to invite a Pagan speaker. Previous ventures have been entirely within the private sector.

The Colchester Leaping Hare Conference, a joint event between the PF and the Colchester Pagan Network, had an excellent turn out in April of this year. Of the various speakers, one of the most popular was Bhupindar Singh Sually. A member of the Ipswich Gurdwara, he spoke very movingly and passionately about Sikh mysticism. Mr Sually had spoken at the Ipswich moot a year previously, and has escorted a number of Pagans on visits to the Gurdwara over the years. Next year the Colchester Conference hopes to feature a talk on `Buddhist Moon Rituals' by Jnanamitra, a celebrant with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

At their recent AGM Colchester Interfaith Network elected James Parker, a druid, to the position of Secretary.

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