- As adopted by the June 2005 Meeting of PF Council


  1. Policy Presentation

  2. Responsible Speech

  3. Non-Discrimination

  4. Harassment

  5. Financial Integrity

  6. Respecting Privacy

  7. Violence

  8. Animal Cruelty

  9. Environmental Damage

  10. Personal Relationships

  11. Spiritual Tolerance

  12. Integrity of Officers


1- Policy presentation

The PF will specifically appoint people to speak on their behalf at Pagan conventions, to the mass media etc. Individuals claiming to speak for the PF in matters of policy without authorisation from the Committee will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

2- Responsible speech

The PF believes that considerate and responsible communications are the foundation of a positive community. Members are not expected to participate in the unfounded gossip or writings against other members of PF, or the wider Pagan community which circulates serious allegations that could result in legal action. Members are therefore expected to either find some means to confirm that such allegations are well founded in fact or not to spread them. Those found doing so without adequate confirmation may be subject to the disciplinary procedure. Officers found using their position as an officer of the PF to engage in gossip or make other statements which are disruptive to the pagan community locally or generally and/or which undermine the PF or any of its officers will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

3 - Non-discrimination

The PF is inclusive of people, regardless of their gender, race, age, sexuality or health. – Verbal or other forms of discrimination made on PF premises or at PF events shall be subject to the disciplinary procedure. Officers found using their position to refuse membership to people, not select people for positions within the PF or otherwise discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, age (over 18), disability or sexual orientation will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

4 - Harassment

The PF will not tolerate harassment of members by other members. In addition to verbal or physical abuse, harassment can include forms of attention that the recipient has made clear are unwanted, and which, to any reasonable person, appear to form a pattern of continued harassment aimed at one or more people, or else one or two acts of a particularly serious nature. Members or officers engaging in such activities will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

5- Financial integrity

Those officers who handle money shall record and report all funds accurately; not take funds and use them for personal purposes; and be willing to display financial records publicly, or to a District Manager or committee member when requested to do so by the DM or Committee. Those found engaging in financially inappropriate activities will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

6 - Respecting privacy

The PF accepts that not all Pagans are in a position to be public about their beliefs and practices. The PF respects its members' privacy, and requires its members to respect each others privacy. Members should not reveal anyone else's involvement in the PF without their permission. Those found doing so will be subject to the disciplinary procedure. Officers should, additionally, take care to protect the information they have about members from being read or given to anyone except another officer whose role within the PF entitles them to have such information. If they fail to do this in circumstances which are considered by the Committee to be inexcusable, or divulge such information themselves to others without the permission of the member, they will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

7 - Violence

The PF feels that its members should be able to meet each other in a safe and peaceful environment. Members found to have initiated physical violence towards other PF members at PF events, or to have otherwise engaged in physical violence with other people at PF conferences except for purposes of self defence within the limits of the law, are subject to the disciplinary procedure. Officers will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

8 - Animal cruelty

The PF is committed to improving the environment and the lives of those animals with which we share our planet. Members who are convicted of illegal acts of animal cruelty since becoming members of the PF will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

9 - Environmental damage

The PF is committed to the protection of nature and spiritual sites such as henges, barrows and stone circles. If a member is convicted of any acts of vandalism against such sites, or to other active wanton destruction of nature they may be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

10 - Personal relationships

The PF is an inclusive organisation open to people of diverse sexualities. It believes in the positive role played in our lives by consensual sexuality. We regard non-consensual sexual activities, of whatever sort, to be untenable. Any members convicted of engaging in non-consensual sexual activities since becoming a member of the PF; or of engaging in sexual activities with people under the age of legal consent (as defined by their country of residence) will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

11 - Spiritual tolerance

The PF recognises that there are many traditions under the umbrella of the term "paganism". We hold that no single religion can be described as a "One True Faith" for all peoples. Members of the PF are encouraged to share their beliefs and practices, and to learn about the beliefs and practices of other members. No one tradition will be promoted above any other. Members found to be promoting, whether verbally or in writing, any spiritual tradition as the "Only True" tradition will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.

12 - Integrity of Officers

Officers of the PF are required to perform their duties as expected by the PF, not to exceed the authority of their designated role and not to use their position to achieve personal objectives with disregard to the effect on the PF or its members. Every officer should be given a description of their role and the sort of duties it entails. Officers are expected to:

  1. carry out the duties their role requires

  2. meet agreed timescales

  3. comply with the Data Protection Act

  4. not to misuse PF Stationery

  5. follow instructions where given, and

  6. when doing things as a PF officer, to act in the interest of the PF and its members.

If any officer fails to do these things, and their failure is considered sufficiently grave and without justification by a District Manager or the Committee, they will be subject to the disciplinary procedure. 

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