Pagan Dawn is available for iPad, Android and online and is now FREE for PF Members and PFI subscribers!

For Pagan Dawn’s 20th Anniversary year, we are proud to announce the electronic (or “tree-less”!) version of Pagan Dawn magazine. We have been working with Exact Editons, an e-magazine publisher with a strong track record of working with independent magazine publishers.

Our new Beltane issue 191 is available on the app with an extra four pages of news and reviews, exclusive to the electronic edition. 

Also available is the current Green Pages what’s on guide, Pagan Dawn issues 186-190 and, as an exclusive, the long out-of-print “We Emerge” book, first published in the early 90s and remains the definitive history of the Pagan Federation’s early years.

The subscription price (£3.99 quarterly or £11.99 annually) allows you access to every issue on the app, not just the ones published at the time of your subscription.

For copyright reasons, we are not allowed to upload issues from 2012 or earlier but we are looking into making some content from our archives available as special editions in the future.

The best news is that PF Members will be able to access the electronic PD absolutely FREE!

Go to this link: and enter your unique membership code.

For UK members, your code is your full membership number (which begins with with ‘F' or ‘H’) followed by the first three characters of your surname. So if your name is John Smith, membership number F12345, then your code is F12345SMI

(note: If your surname is O’Reilly, then the code would be F12345O’R, and not F12345ORE)

For PFI subscribers, your code is the first initial of your country (in English, I'm afraid!) followed by your membership number. So if you are a member of PF Germany with the number 1234, then your code is G1234.

Then put in your email address and choose an account password. Then you will receive a Shared Access Code. Enter that Shared Access Code into the app and all the issues will be available to you for as long as your membership is current.

Pagan Dawn subscribers who are not PF members will not be eligible for free access to the electronic editions but will be able to upgrade their subscription to include the electronic edition for a small additional charge. More details when the PF online shop is available.

You can download IPad or iPhone app from the iTunes app store and Pagan Dawn will appear in the Newsstand app.

Android users can also find Pagan Dawn through Exact Editions’ Android app ‘Exactly’

If you haven’t got one of the above devices, you can still read Pagan Dawn on your computer or laptop directly from Exact Editions website:

For those people who still love the feel of paper in their fingers and that special smell of ink, don’t worry. Pagan Dawn, the printed magazine, isn’t going anywhere. As a magazine, it’s 20 years old this year and nearing issue 200. When you factor in the preceding issues of “The Wiccan”, it’s not too far off 50 years! The longest running journal in the world of pagan interest!

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