The Pagan Federation is organised on a District basis. The Districts are as follows:

Each District has a District Manager (DM), and is sub-divided into several Regions. London district, for example, is divided into 5 regions.

A Regional Co-ordinator (RC) runs each region. The RC may also appoint Local Co-ordinators and Local Organisers as required.

DMs act as the hub for mail, and are pivotal in organising local conferences, newsletters and moots. RCs act as the ‘grass roots’ contacts for the membership, and also may organise local moots in their area, assisted by the Local Co-ordinators and Organisers as appropriate.

PF Council and Committee

All Regional Co-ordinators and District Managers are on the PF Council. Committee members and holders of other PF posts fill the remainder of the Council positions. The Council’s main role is to advise Committee on issues, and to ratify Committee decisions.

The current Committee Officers and roles are as follows:

  • President: Robin Taylor, Email
  • General Secretary: Andrea Merry, Email
  • Treasurer: Andrew Troszok, Email
  • Community Support Officer: Mike Stygal, Email
  • Advocacy Officer: Jay Anderson, Email
  • Publications Officer: David Spofforth, Email
  • Media Officer: David Spotforth, Email
  • District Liaison Officer: Keith Tovey, Email
  • IT Officer: Chris Funderburg Email
  • Prison Ministry Manager: Helene Mobius, Email
  • Deputy CSO: Alex Chadwick, Email

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