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District Area:

The Pagan Federation District of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles includes the regions of both the Isles of Scilly and the Channel Isles. This area is well known for beaches, cream, pasties and cider, and for Pagans it offers all that and so much more.

District Information:

This District is a large rural area. The District Council is very active and we try to provide a good range of events and services. There are many open moots, open rituals and we arrange Lammas picnics and a very successful Annual Spring Conference. Facebook and other social networks are active and accessible.

For PF Members, we have an excellent long-running newsletter, Dark Mirror, which all local PF members receive primarily by email. This provides quality articles of interest and further opportunity for networking in the District.

At our conferences, we regularly raise funds for good causes. The recipient of the monies is decided by the District and vary widely but are always of common pagan interest. In 1997, with the help of the national PF, we raised £2000 to create a memorial to the last four people to be executed for witchcraft in England (they died in Exeter in 1674). This memorial is on the Exeter City wall, in Rougemont Gardens by the castle; please visit it and spend a few quiet reflective moments there if you are in Exeter, Devon.

We have many wonderful sacred sites. For example Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor are ancient landscapes and full of old sites for use in life and death. We are blessed with holy wells, stone circles and rows, standing stones, dolmens, fogous which are unique to West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, Iron-Age hillforts, Neolithic enclosures and many other ancient monuments. Penwith in the far west of Cornwall has a higher concentration of ancient sites than any other part of Britain. We like to think it's a very magical place. Please treat our sacred places with respect and don't light fires, leave candle/nightlight bases or any litter including non-biodegradable clouties. We remove litter or any non-biodegradable items left at sites both to honour and protect our sites and also to keep our wildlife safe,

It is with pride that we have in our District The Museum of Witchcraft, in Boscastle, Cornwall. It was originally founded in 1951 in Castletown on the Isle of Man, by Cecil Williamson. With the help of Gerald Gardener he refurbished the Mill to display his vast collection of Witchcraft related artefacts. In 1960 the Museum moved to Boscastle in Cornwall. Graham King purchased the Museum in 1996. Over the Sixty years that the Museum has been in existence it has steadily grown and is now the world's largest collection of Witchcraft related artefacts. In 2013 the Museum passed into the safe hands of the Museum of British Folklore, and continues to be safeguarded by a board of trustees. You can join the Friends of the Witchcraft Museum to help support their work. PF members are currently receiving discounted entry.

Finally, our website links you to Local Coordinators, and the District Officers, all of whom are ready to help you on your Pagan Path.


District Moots and Meets

Spring Conference 5th March 2016

 PF Lammas Picnic August 14th 2016

As these are subject to change over time, please check our local website for the latest list:

Our District Newletter is called the Dark Mirror and contains latest Moots and Events in the District. Printable PDFs of back issues of the newsletter are also available on our website:

The PF Greenpages which comes with the excellent PF Magazine “Pagan Dawn” also has a comprehensive list of local contacts. Subscribe or join the PF here:

Finally, the District Officers are more than happy to help you.

All our emails are above.

Blessed Be to Pagans and Seekers of all Paths

DM DCI Sept 2014



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